Eggs benedict: dorm microwave style

The dining hall at my school has plenty of choices when it comes to breakfast; however,  even with all the choices, there are still things I crave that the school does not serve. I wanted eggs benedict, which my school does not serve, for breakfast. I realized I could make eggs benedict in the microwave … Continue reading Eggs benedict: dorm microwave style


Easy pancakes: no box mix required

I love making pancakes. I feel there is something satisfying about batter cooking on a hot pan—my mouth is watering just thinking about it. The fluffiness of the pancakes allows them to soak up any syrup poured over them. Each bite is like eating a cloud soaked in  syrup. Delicious. This pancake recipe uses simple, … Continue reading Easy pancakes: no box mix required

5 things any college student can do with eggs

Eggs are an extremely versatile food. They are easy to make and they have so many uses, which makes them a great college food. Eggs can be a good breakfast, a quick lunch, a nice addition to dinner or a quick study snack—they are also good for building muscle because eggs contain lots of protein. There are plenty … Continue reading 5 things any college student can do with eggs