The French press: my new favorite coffee gadget


As a late Christmas present, my friend got me a french press coffee maker. Since I received it a couple days ago, I have been using it constantly—more than I use my Keurig, and I usually use my Keurig 3-4 times a day. The French press makes coffee brewing a more involved process than putting a pod into a Keurig. My favorite part about the French press is the novelty of it. It’s fun to use—I love pushing the plunger and watching the brew rise to the top of the beaker.

The coffee that comes out of my french press tastes slightly better than the coffee from my Keurig, but only because I haven’t cleaned my Keurig recently. Also, the French press is a pain to clean , and I have to clean it after every use. Now that classes have started again, I think I’ll only use my French press on the weekends when I have more time to brew the coffee and clean the press.

The French press is a great coffee gadget, but it is very involved and high maintenance, so I’ll be using mine when I have plenty of spare time.


Post by: Logan


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