Ramen noodles: dorm microwave style


Winter storm Hunter left the University of Memphis—the school I go to and stay at—covered in snow and ice. Nearly everything on campus was closed except for the dining hall and a few other vital services. I went to the dining hall for breakfast and almost slipped on the ice on the way there, so I decided not to leave the dorm until some of the ice melted. I ate some snacks for lunch, but when it was time for dinner I was really hungry. I remembered that I had some ramen noodle packets—like any other college student—, and decided to have ramen for dinner.

I made the ramen and everything in it using the communal microwave outside my dorm. Because I almost never eat ramen noodles by themselves, I added baby spinach, some seasonings and a poached egg to my ramen. My dinner ended up being way better than any ordinary bowl of instant ramen, and it was super filling too.

Making ramen noodles in the microwave is easy.Really you follow the instructions on the packet, but instead of boiling water on a stove boil the water in a microwave. Then, break up the slab of noodles and place them into a microwave safe bowl. Pour the how water onto the noodles and microwave the noodles for 2 minutes. Once the noodles are done, add the seasoning packet, mix it in with the water and eat.

I mentioned earlier that I put a poached egg in my ramen. A while back, I learned how to poach eggs in the microwave. it’s super simple and way faster than poaching eggs the normal way. Take 1/2 cup of water and put in a microwave safe bowl, then carefully crack an egg into the water. Then, microwave the egg for 50 seconds- 1 minute. The egg should come out of the microwave perfectly poached.

In addition to adding an egg, there are other ways to improve an ordinary bowl of instant ramen. I like to add lime juice to my bowl because the acidity of the lime improves the flavor of the salty broth. I also sometimes add sesame oil to add some fat to the dish. There are countless things that can be added to instant ramen, as well as hundreds of online guides about how to do so.

A bowl of ramen made in the microwave doesn’t have to be some last-ditch meal. It can be something delicious.


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